Research News

August 2016

M & A analyses – A current trend?

In the wake of the financial crisis there have been a growing number of companies which have... Read more..

August 2016

Statistical data analysis and swarm intelligence –...

Market research consists to a large extent of the gathering of data which are then analyzed.... Read more..

July 2016

Online vs. mail surveys: What differences are there...

Customer analysis deals with the collection of data and their subsequent analysis in order to... Read more..

June 2016

Competitive market research must not be neglected...

Many companies are certain that they know their competitors very well and that they are able to... Read more..

June 2016

Customer analysis or: Why customer behavior is so...

Many business owners believe they can assess their customers' behavior fairly adequately. They... Read more..

May 2016

Working with market models is effective – How you...

When it comes to calculating market volumes and make predictions about markets in order to... Read more..

May 2016

Industry Analysis: How to redefine your business...

There are a lot of companies who are faced with the increasingly faster changes in the market... Read more..

March 2016

Business plan development as an important factor...

An important area of strategy research is business plan development. Together with competitive... Read more..

January 2016

Competitive market research as a trend barometer for...

Is it usually your competitors who hold the top ranks when it comes to recognizing the latest... Read more..

January 2016

Strategy Research – Is it a reliable basis for the...

Market research is comprised of many different areas, e. g. the key area of market analysis with... Read more..

December 2015

Data analysis as part of market research

Data analysis is one of the essential areas of market research. In every part of market research,... Read more..

December 2015

Market analysis: A sound investment for your company?

When it comes to strategic decision making for companies, the results of market analysis are used... Read more..

November 2015

Globalization – a challenge for supply chain...

Globalization has given rise to diverse opportunities both for reducing costs and expanding... Read more..

November 2015

Supplier identification as an important part of...

Procurement research is that part of market research which deals with the procurement of goods... Read more..

November 2015


One of the reasons for outsourcing your market research is the design and conduct of surveys.... Read more..

November 2015

Consumer Research

One of the most important areas of market research is gathering information about your existing... Read more..

October 2015

Outsource Research to Save Cost

Management consultants, financial investors as well as strategy departments of large corporations... Read more..

October 2015

Taking advantage of highly specialized research...

An increased number of small to medium size consulting companies in the US and UK are taking... Read more..