Strategy Research – Is it a reliable basis for the decision making process in your company?

January 2016

Market research is comprised of many different areas, e. g. the key area of market analysis with its subsections of industry, customer and market trend analysis as well as market segmentation. But a good market researcher can be distinguished from other providers by having specialized in further analyses and research tasks apart from market analysis. Above all, these include procurement and consumer research but also strategy research.

This is because professionally conducted strategy research contributes greatly to the decision making process in your company ensuring the decisions are not only right but also sustainable in the long term. Of course you can conduct your strategy research in-house. But this would mean giving special training to part of your staff, which would then be occupied exclusively with performing the relevant research tasks. It is far more efficient to outsource your strategy research to a renowned market research company like Market Researchers.

Market Researchers can conduct analyses for you in every area of market research including strategy research. On the one hand, strategy research consists of competitive market research. Analyses in this field are aimed at answering questions like how your products and services differ from the offerings of your competitors or which customer segments the latter serve. Another important question concerns resources. To know how many resources your competitors allocate for research and development or marketing and sales can serve as an important criterion for the decision making process in your own company.

On the other hand, strategy research also includes M&A analyses. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, it is of vital importance to have a professional market research firm like Market Researchers conduct profound analyses for you. The specialized M&A analysis team of Market Researchers has great hands-on experience across industries and markets and can support your company along the entire M&A process.

How is strategy research conducted? Market Researchers uses various methods. One part of the research is based on publicly available information, i. e. reports and analyses published in newspapers or the relevant literature. In order to collect proprietary information, however, it is necessary to follow a more discreet approach with which the research team of Market Researchers is well-acquainted. Moreover, further important data can be gathered and included in the analysis through primary research such as expert interviews.