Business plan development as an important factor when searching for investors

March 2016

An important area of strategy research is business plan development. Together with competitive market research and M&A analysis it forms the central part of strategy research. Without a convincing business plan the search for funding by banks and private investors will prove difficult. But how do you develop a solid business plan? Many companies develop their business plans in-house but it is far more effective and time-saving to outsource them to a professional market research company like Market Researchers.
Market Researchers has years of experience in the area of market research and has supported numerous companies with a range of different research services. So what can you expect if you outsource your business plan development to Market Researchers? Every business plan should contain a thorough analysis of the target market and target customers. To this end, Market Researchers conducts several subprojects depending on your requirements. The first step consists of evaluating your existing business plans and using this as a basis for deciding on a suitable structure and the individual building blocks for your new business plan.
In order to identify and understand your target segment better it is usually unavoidable to conduct market and customer analyses. But it is here that market research companies often work superficially so that analyses in these areas are neglected within business plan development. Market Researchers, however, has the necessary competence and know-how to support you in conducting customer analyses, for example. The customer analysis team at Market Researchers has years of experience with all current methods of customer analysis such as telephone and online surveys as well as interviews.
But business plan development done by Market Researchers comprises many more building blocks like the identification of key differentiators and product and service differentiators for your company. It is important in this context to identify the special features of your company in order to bring your potential to the attention of possible investors. Further projects conducted by Market Researchers within business plan development are the definition of market entry strategies and an effective marketing strategy, a well thought out pricing and customized business development approaches. Market Researchers is able to support you competently in all of these areas due to its great expertise in the field of market research. Finding funding by banks or private investors should no longer constitute an obstacle thanks to the professional business plans of this particular market research company.