M & A analyses – A current trend?

August 2016

Strategy research mainly deals with aspects relevant for the development of a business strategy like market size assessment, the analysis of market growth drivers and their specific dynamics, the cost structure of competitors and the identification of key market players and their individual service portfolios, for example. Apart from that key distribution channels, customer trends and preferences as well as market profitability and market segmentation are closely examined.

Strategy research can be divided into different subareas like competitive market research, for example. Within the scope of competitive market research questions like how your products and services differ from competitive offerings are answered, for example. An in-depth analysis of customer segments can also be part of research. Moreover, it will be examined how many resources your competitors deploy against functions such as research and development or marketing and sales because this can serve as orientation and as an important criterion for decision making within your own company. Further subareas of strategy research apart from competitive market research are business plan development and M&A analysis.

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, it is of the utmost importance to have a thorough analysis conducted by a professional market research company like Market Researchers. The specialized M&A analysis team of Market Researchers has a high level of expertise and hands-on experience across core industries and markets and can support your team along the entire mergers and acquisition process. It is therefore always recommended to outsource M&A analyses as well as other areas of strategy research to an experienced market research companies instead of conducting them inhouse. On the one hand, this has the advantage of guaranteeing high competence when conducting the research. On the other hand, the training of your employees is no longer required, which would be time-consuming and mean that they are no longer available for other tasks during the duration of the project.

What exactly does an M&A analysis contain? Data relevant for the acquisition process are gathered and analyzed, e. g. market opportunity and attractiveness assessments. Apart from that potential M&A targets are identified and examined and these targets are compared to each other as far as their attractiveness is concerned. The building of comprehensive valuation models also plays an important role during the fusion process because they form the basis for deciding which mergers are worthwhile for the company and which should be advised against. Due to its great experience the M&A analysis team of Market Researchers is able to support you with all aspects of the M&A process including the due diligence process. There are lot of industries where mergers and acquisition processes are on the rise. Market Researchers is well equipped for these developments.