Automotive and Manufacturing

The Automotive and manufacturing industry has been hit particularly hard by the latest global recession. The use by governments has helped the industry, but no car manufacturer, supplier and engineering company came without cuts through the crisis. A number of companies were forced to bankruptcy, and many even well-known brands had to accept a restructuring under a change of ownership.

With more than 25 percent of global overcapacity, car manufacturers are under tremendous sales pressure and with only three percent growth per year is the industry in a difficult situation. The consequences are eroding prices for almost all product segments and decreasing profits for most manufacturers. In this market environment it is crucial to optimize the cost position through focusing on the core competencies.

Automotive and manufacturing companies are constantly looking for channels to leverage their growth and profitability. With a profound expertise on this industry, our Market Researchers team supports you to reach your goals.

Recent Automotive and Manufacturing Project Experience:

Client Delivery
An engineering consulting firm
  • Developed knowledge map on market size, segmentation, growth, market dynamics, demand / supply trends, exports and imports, technology, vendor landscape and notable industry events
UPS manufacturing and assembling company
  • Short listed three companies in high voltage / large capacity inverters and UPSs after in-depth evaluation of manufacturing capabilities in the dry-type transformers and use of third-party main parts like IGBT or PCBs
Leading US manufacturer of aerospace products
  • Identified potential partners based on very specific technical capabilities in avionics design and embedded systems and involved interviews with senior executives at potential partner companies to understand capabilities and willingness
A French machine tools manufacturer
  • Studied market size and structure, key players, products, trends, government policies and regulations and drivers and inhibitors along with profiles of 18 potential partners
  • Interviewed 78 manufacturers and officials from trade organizations