Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

The Banking, Insurance and Financial services (BIFI) industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. This industry has been fundamentally changed by the financial crisis and now faces massive challenges. The current market for financial services is in a continuous change and the need to pursue opportunities immediately into sales requires innovative thinking. Increasing globalization, accelerated merger and restructuring activities, the use of complex products and the demand for increased transparency steadily require support from experienced industry experts.

The Market Researchers have excellent industry knowledge, years of expertise and are familiar with the specific concerns of the Banking, Insurance and Financial services (BIFI) industry. Our support is specifically designed for financial institutions in banking, insurance, investment management and real estate industries.

Recent Banking, Insurance and Financial Services Project Experience:

Client Delivery
A leading competitive intelligence provider
  • Tracked and monitored on a daily basis trends in the global marine
    P&C insurance activity
One of Australia's largest wealth managers
  • Ongoing research support through identifying and profiling potential M&A possibilities, Scoping new markets for potential market entry, Market share monitoring, Regular competitive intelligence, Maintenance and update of financial models, with detailed metrics
UK property fund manager
  • Constructed a financial model of all listed property companies in Europe to enable the newly set up European property fund monitor key fundamentals in the industry
J.P. Morgan Asset Management
  • Conducted the first-ever Investor and Advisor focused Investment Confidence Index in India for the company to align with the interests of the broader investment community in India
A major IT company for a premier PE firm
  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the target company including competitive positioning, management evaluation, financial analysis, valuation and future earnings projections, SWOT and industry outlook