Competitive Market Research

Competitive Market Research Scope

Competitive market research is never served on a silver platter – it requires a highly customized, resourceful and creative approach to find and combine the data that allows you to understand competitive behavior. Competitive market research aims at analyzing competitors in order to understand their actions and trying to establish a competitive advantage by comparing your company to competition.

From our experience it is highly advisable to clearly focus and identify the key questions that need to be answered through the competitive market research study. Typical questions to be answered may include the following:

  • How do your products and services differ from competitive offerings?
  • Which of your products or services is most threatened by competitive attack?
  • Which target customer segments does your competitor serve?
  • How many resources does your competitor deploy against certain functions such as R&D, marketing or sales?
  • How is your competitor organized?
  • How does your cost structure compare to the cost of your competitors (cost per function, cost per product)?
  • What products does your competitor develop and how will they be launched and marketed?
  • Does your competitor consider a joint venture or strategic partnership?

Competitive Market Research Support

While the Market Researchers do not pursue a "one size fits all" approach to competitive Market Research, our highly customized competitive market research studies typically include:

  • Analyses of available competitive information such as analyst reports, published strategy papers, information from third parties etc.
  • Interviews with competitors
  • Interviews with clients of competitors
  • Benchmarking

We do NOT use any unethical methods or dubious techniques at acquiring competitive insights. You can choose to contract us for an individual research assignment or else have a dedicated competitive market research team set up to assess and monitor competitive market research trends for your company on an ongoing basis.

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