Customer Analysis

Customer Analysis Purpose

Our customer analysis research offering aims to collect and analyze data to understand (unmet) customer needs, customer and market trends as well as customer preferences. Customer analysis results can be used in order to:

  • Better tailor existing services and products to specific customer segments
  • Launch new products / services tailored to a particular customer segment
  • Drive customer loyalty and retention
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Increase customer segment revenues

Our team of senior research managers includes customer analysis experts that have previously worked in executive marketing positions with leading consumer product companies.

Customer Analysis Support

Our customer analysis practice can support you with conducting detailed customer analysis across global markets. We are well experienced with all required customer analysis techniques including telephone surveys, mail survey, online surveys, interviews, focus groups and customer data mining techniques.

We have experience in conducting specific customer analysis on a specific topic as well as building and maintaining customer analytics databases to enable ongoing marketing decision support.

Customer Analysis Contact

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