Excel Data Analysis

Excel Data Analysis – What we offer

Many corporate models can be analyzed by using excel models. Our Excel Data Analysis experts are trained in building understandable excel models to support our clients with powerful analysis tools that are easy to understand and modify. Our excel data analysis team has deep experience in developing excel based models such as:

  • Cash-flow valuation models
  • Supplier evaluation models
  • Customer data analysis models
  • Stand-alone models to analyze data in a flexible way
  • Many more excel data analysis tool

Our excel data analysis experts can develop and maintain a customized excel tool according to your briefing and requirements.

Excel Data Analysis – Our team

We have a pool of excel data analysis experts who are trained in building customer-specific excel applications. Proficient use of excel is a core requirement for all our market research experts since we leverage excel across many of our research analyses. Depending on your specific requirements we select the best qualified excel data analyst for you.

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