Interviews – Our Offering

The Market Researchers have extensive knowledge in conducting market research interviews across different target audience including corporate professionals, legal and tax advisors, health care industry players and the general public.

The success of our interviewing approach is grounded in the quality of our interviewing resources who are capable to understand the research topic and anticipate the flow of the interview / discussion. This way we manage to get you the results you expect from your research interviews.

Interviews – When to use them?

Market research interviews are particularly used when expert opinions from professionals are required but when because of geographical, logistical, timing or confidentiality reasons face-to-face meetings or focus groups are not adequate.

The market researchers have in-depth interviewing experience and our highly trained interviewers have talked to business owners, senior corporate executives, key opinion holders as well as technical experts and gathered highly complex and sensitive information.

Conducting impactful interviews requires the interviewer to be flexible in his interviewing technique, adapting to the flow of discussion and probing deeper when additional insights can be gathered.

Interviews – Let us support you!

The market researchers would be pleased to support you and your team with conducting expert interviews. Our team is trained to conduct interviews on a global basis ensuring the same consistent output. Contact us today to learn more about our interview support service offering and one of our interviewers will contact you shortly.

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