Market Analysis

Market Analysis Overview

Our team of experienced research analysts has particular experience in conducting market analysis on a global basis. We have defined a standard market analysis framework that we customize to our client-specific requirements but typical dimensions of our market analysis offering cover:

  • Market size analyses (current and anticipated future) and growth trends
  • Key market players and service offerings
  • Market segmentation
  • Cost structure of market players
  • Key distribution channels
  • Key market and consumer trends
  • Market forces and profitability (e.g., Porter's five forces)
  • Success factors

Our market analysis has the purpose to provide a snapshot of a particular market and enable strategic and operational decision making. We conduct our market research using available secondary data from public and proprietary sources. In selected cases we can further enrich our market analysis services by also conducting primary research by talking to recognized market experts and market players.

Market Analysis Purpose

Market analysis is required to support strategic decision making e.g., by considering the market entry into a new geography, customer segment or the launch of a new product offering. A solid and fact-based market analysis can give you an edge over competition from better understanding where opportunities exist and which profit zones are worth exploring.

Our market analysis offering is targeted to senior management and executives since we analyze all available facts and put our findings into context to develop a meaningful storyline.

Market Analysis Global Reach

The Market Researchers can support you and your team in conducting market research on a global basis. While our analyst team is located in India, we maintain satellite offices in over 20 countries around the globe ensuring that we have access to local data and language capabilities. Most of our market analysis assignments are international in nature and cover global markets.

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