Market Segmentation Research

Market Segmentation Objectives

The purpose of a market segmentation in an economic context is to define a group of (potential) customers which can be identified based on certain criteria and which demand a similar product or service offering and hence which can be targeted in a certain way. A market segment typically needs to be homogenous within the segment (similar characteristics / customer needs) but distinct from other market segments. Furthermore audience within the market segment needs to react in a similar way to marketing actions.

The objectives of defining market segments typically enables a company to tailor its sales and marketing actions in a more specific way to its (potential) customer base increasing return on marketing investment as a consequence. Furthermore a market segmentation enables a company to develop new products and services which are better tailored to its audience.

Market Segmentation Support

Our market research analysts can support you in conducting market segmentation or refining and enriching your existing approach. We can assist with mining through your existing customer data as well as enriching it with additional external data.

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