Marketing Research

Marketing Research – Definition

Our marketing research offering includes research services relating to the systematic gathering and analyzing of data related to marketing services and products. Our marketing research team has experience in both business-to-business marketing research as well as in consumer marketing research and is familiar with all major quantitative and qualitative marketing research methodologies, frameworks and tools.

The objective of systematic marketing research is to enable marketers to make more accurate strategic and tactical marketing decisions resulting in an increased return on marketing investment across the different marketing channels.

Marketing Research – Scope of support

With increased complexity and data availability many of our clients are seeking support from our marketing research team to assist with the following services:

  • Field services – collecting customer marketing research data through customer interviews, questionnaires, mail or other field service techniques
  • Coding and data entry services – inputting data e.g. from questionnaires into a database for marketing research analytics purposes
  • Analytical marketing research services – from designing high impact questionnaires or surveys to determining the best fit-for-purpose data collection approach and designing sampling plans
  • Marketing data analysis services – to design and develop models to analyze consumer data
  • Customized marketing research studies – to suit very particular client-specific marketing research needs

Our team has experienced across a broad range of marketing research services and industries.

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