The Media & Online industry is changing fundamentally. The ongoing digitization of content, distribution platforms and devices as well as structural changes in revenue sources have increased competition and thus accelerate the consolidation of the industry. Companies need to take advantage of the changes and have to adjust their strategies, structures and processes accordingly.

New media products and services results to huge competitive challenges not only for traditional media companies. The providers of new media have to adapt to the dynamics and evolution of the industry. Consumer electronics grow closer to the information and communication technology. At the same time, the interactions between media providers and media users grow constantly offering new programs and services. The boundaries between mass communication and individual communication have been eroded.

We have hands on project experience across all media types including TV, Print, Publishing, Radio and Online. The Market Researchers will deliver detailed customized solutions. To learn more about our capabilities please contact us

Recent Media Project Experience:

Client Delivery
A leading US research publisher
  • Analyzed global consulting market for communications and media industries (MICE) detailing trends, insights, key drivers and inhibitors
  • Estimated market size, growth rates and analyzed competitive landscape
A competitive intelligence firm
  • Creation and maintenance of a database of radio stations in over 15 countries
Publishing survey results
  • Survey of buyers of publishing outsourcing services
Editorial Outsourcing
  • Report on how the newspaper industry is coping with internet challenge
A European B2B publisher
  • Overview the publishing industry in India with the focus on the technical magazines segment, especially in the industrial, chemical, energy and the electronics sub-segments
  • The study explored the dynamics of the sector including industry structure, competi-tion, trends, operational costs, marketing strategies, etc. to guide the eventual decision on whether and how to enter the Indian market
Legal publishing industry
  • Detailed Study of select offshore vendors in with an assessment of the capabilities in a variety of sub-segments
  • Pricing patterns / billing rates for specific segments within legal publishing