Online Survey

Online Survey – Our Offering

Conducting online surveys has experienced rapid growth and popularity over the past couple years. Like no other survey type, online survey provide reliable, fast and relatively low cost consumer data to enable strategic and tactical decision making in the areas of product development, marketing and other functions.

The Market Researchers have combined two critical capabilities to support our clients with customized online survey support:

  • Our market and consumer research specialists have the knowledge and capability to design effective online survey questionnaires to investigate the areas our clients are interested in
  • Our online web experts are familiar with the most advanced online survey technologies to program custom made online surveys and provide reliable, unbiased data

Online Survey – When to use them?

Online surveys are increasingly popular since they have several advantages as opposed to traditional phone or mail surveys:

  • Online surveys produce results more quickly
  • The cost for conducting an online survey is significantly cheaper compared to traditional media – this enables companies to test more decisions more frequently
  • The results of online surveys are directly gathered in a database and do not require manual inputting hence reducing error rates and cost
  • Feedback and errors can be corrected more quickly

At the same time, online surveys should only be used in countries were a sufficiently high internet penetration exists. Also from our experience, online survey results are sometimes biased towards the younger, more internet / online affine audience.

Our online survey experts can help you determine if online surveys are adequate for your business. We support our customers across all aspects of online survey design and execution including analyses of online survey results.

Online Survey – Take advantage today!

If you plan to conduct an online survey and seek support and guidance from an experienced team, do not hesitate to contact our staff. One of our experienced online survey team members will develop a customized proposal for you.

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