Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The Pharmaceutical / Healthcare industry is one of the largest industries and also an important growth market. It includes the pharma companies, hospitals, healthcare equipment & services and Biotechnology. Economically, this market is characterized by high dynamics with constant politically reform processes which increase the uncertainties of the organisations. The enormous cost pressure on hospitals and pharma companies grows, as well as the quality expectations. With this background, the Pharmaceutical / Healthcare industry is facing the redesign of organizations and internal processes.

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Recent Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Project Experience:

Client Delivery
A leading French company
  • Studied orthopedic implant market, detailing the hip, knee and traumatology segments, growth drivers, key players, regulation, health insurance coverage, agencies, trade events, SWOT analysis and recommended market entry strategy
U.S. medical trans-cription industry
  • A review of off shoring of medical transcription, and a look at the factors contributing to its revival
  • Includes details on the current market, future potential, vendor analysis and key vendor profiles
Competitive Intelligence Study on Cannibinoids
  • The study aimed at investigating the product launch strategies of companies deve-loping a generic and/or branded version(s) of Marinol and based on this analysis – Develop a competitive assessment of the cannibinoid market in India and China
Healthcare Staffing Business in USA and Australia
  • Market Assessment of Nursing and other Healthcare Staffing Business in USA and Australia
  • The study involved tracking the current and projected demand of the staffing busi-ness and price points, identifying the sources of demand, challenges, previous failures, government policies and staffing patterns
  • The study also included competitor profiles of the staffing players