Engagement Models

At The Market Researchers we offer our clients the choice between two different engagement models depending on their research requirements:

(1) Ad Hoc or Project-Based Research Support

If you require research or data analyses support for a specific project / task we can support you with our flexible market research support. In this model we would deploy an experienced research consultant to support you and your team and to execute the assigned market research or data analytics task.

Our research consultant would be supervised by one of our experienced project team leaders and would have access to our industry and capability knowledge pool. We typically manage to staff a support resource with relevant industry and/or capability knowledge against each project.

These projects can be delivered for either a fixed project price or on a time and material basis. We offer the following prices for project-based ad hoc support:

Type of Support Cost per hour in US-$
Regular Support 39 US-$
Weekend Support 59 US-$

The cost per hour includes our total research cost and also covers cost for having access to industry-specific databases, our internal knowledge pool as well as cost relating to telephone calls, communication and presentation design.

(2) Dedicated Research Support

If you have a more regular demand for research and analytical support services, we also offer a dedicated support model. In this model our clients can choose between either

  • A certain FTE capacity over a certain time period (3, 6, 12, 24 months) whereby we install and manage the research team for our client and assign the best qualified researcher / data analyst against each job depending on the specific requirements of each job. This model is particularly relevant for small- to mid-size consulting companies that do not have the scale to have a large own research department but which require research support across many different industries / capabilities – with this model you always the best fit for purpose support for an agreed upon number of hours per month.
  • A dedicated team with named analysts over a certain time period (3, 6, 12, 24 months) whereby we would deploy the same analyst against all your research requirements. Your analysts would have access to our internal knowledge base and industry / capability experts but at the same time they would become experts in your company specific requirements and offer an even more customized service experience.

Pricing for dedicated research support is significantly more attractive on a cost per hour basis compared to our ad hoc service model. The price per resource per month depends on:

  • The size of the team in terms of number of FTEs
  • The experience of the team in terms of qualification and specialization
  • The duration of our contract

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