Private equity and Venture capital

Globalization, increasing competition, concentration, portfolio restructuring and often unresolved succession solutions are the current challenges face by small and medium sized, family-owned businesses. Private equity and venture capital firms play an important role to provide required equity to companies who are looking for an external investor to take the company to the next level.

The larger private equity firms have expanded its presence to establish itself as a global organization. At the same time a significant private equity market is developing in new regions such as Asia, South America and Eastern Europe.

The Market Researchers have industry specific experts to support private equity and venture capital firms.

Recent Private Equity and Venture Capital Project Experience:

Client Delivery
A major PE investor
  • Studied select segments (Legal Services, Publishing, Animation, Media, F&A, e-Learning, Engineering design, Research and Analytics) and identified service providers best positioned to generate higher relative returns
A global asset manager involved in private equity
  • Detailed reports of target companies analyzing organization structure, business model, market positioning trends, product positioning, strategic initiatives, financial analysis, consensus analyst views, valuation, share price movements and projected growth
A major VC fund
  • Evaluated the energy distribution, automation, remote power, demand response enabling hardware and software market opportunities by analyzing vendor landscape, trends, regulation, research programs, and important pilots and demonstrations
A global investment company
  • Detailed study on the market segments, current and project demand / supply and investment yields in the premium senior housing markets in US, Australasia, UK, Continental Europe, China and SE Asia
A PE investor
  • A detailed study to determine investment opportunities in select segments (Legal Services, Publishing, Pre-media, Animation and Media Services, Finance and Accounting, e-Learning, Engineering design, Research and Analytics)
  • Assessed the capabilities of service providers based on the value added services to overseas companies