Research Analyst

Research Analyst – What we offer

Many of our corporate and consulting clients require analytical and market research support on an ongoing basis. For those clients we have developed our research analyst support offering whereby we agree with our clients on a certain FTE capacity for research support, we install a dedicated key account manager who is the interface between our research analysts and the client organization and depending on the specific client task we involve from our pool of research analysts those who are best qualified for the task.

Our research analyst offering is particularly interesting for consulting clients with regular research demand since we can offer more attractive rates compared to our ad hoc support models.

Research Analyst – Our team

In total we have over 100 research analysts who are ready to support you and your team. Each of our research analysts has a specific alignment to an industry as well as a core research capability. You will always get the research analyst support that is best qualified to support you on your specific assignment!

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