Software, IT and Technology

The IT / Software industry is among the key sectors on our way to the information and knowledge society. The offered products and services form the basis for the daily networking of people, companies and businesses. Information technology includes besides the hardware and software segments, the rapidly growing IT services. The IT market is very responsive to economic fluctuations. The challenges of the industry is the strong price pressure, which leads despite significantly increasing numbers of hardware sales to only modest gains. The IT / Software industry requires a high degree of viability due to the constant pursuit for efficiency, speed and precision.

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Recent Software, IT and Technology Project Experience:

Client Delivery
An ES provider
  • Studied the Enterprise Solutions market in the US and Australia for pricing, demand, government policies, staffing patterns and competitor landscape
  • Interviewed employment agencies, hospitals, clinics and experts in both countries
A Global IT consulting firm
  • Studied Enterprise Risk Management involving size of products and services, growth rates, market spend break down by type of service (software vs. consulting), risk class and risk service
A leading global vendor of enterprise software
  • The study included several interviews conducted in the US, with software vendors, distributors and industry experts
  • A competitive assessment of the sales and marketing strategies and positioning of global software vendors in the discrete manufacturing industry was done
A key player in tele-sales channels in high tech companies
  • Interviewed more than 40 channel sales managers at high tech companies in Australia, Europe, Malaysia and Singapore, to estimate the percentage of technology sales through tele-web channels
MNC computer peripherals / consumables manufacturer
  • Periodically monitor 8 tier-1 and 10 tier-2 Indian cities for market intelligence on counterfeiting activities and identify players
  • Visited and purchased samples from ~ 400 channel partners and stores