Spend Analysis

Spend Analysis – Our Offering

Many companies face difficulties in conducting spend analysis: Spend data is often captured in different formats across the same company, geographic / language problems are difficult to overcome and IT systems do often only allow pre-defined queries or require significant understanding to get the data you are looking for.

We have a dedicated spend analysis team who can assist you with building a comprehensive spend analysis which is the starting point for any sourcing project: Who spends how much money on which service / product under which terms and conditions.

Our experienced spend analysis team starts with getting access to your Accounts Payable data and analyzes all external expenditure on an invoice by invoice, line-item by line-item level. During the process we apply a common spend taxonomy which we refine while conducting the spend analysis (iterative process). During this process we leverage detailed vendor databases as well as our experience with conducting spend analysis to ensure an "apple-to-apple" comparison of spend across sites, business units and geographies.

Spend Analysis – Our Team

Spend analysis can either be outsourced to our India based research team or else we can offer you on-site consultant support to conduct a spend analysis across your external expenditure. Our team is highly experienced in conducting spend analysis in an international context and has the required language and program management capabilities to deliver your spend analysis with speed, precision and certainty.

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