Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis – What we offer

Our statistical analysis team can support you in analyzing your data and identifying implications, trends or other decision-relevant factors. Our statistical analysis experts are very familiar with designing and executing statistical analysis including:

  • Descriptive statistics such as calculating means, standard deviations and categorical data
  • Inferential statistics such as correlations, forecasts, hypothesis testing and regression analysis

Our statistical analysis team can help you define the data requirements for conducting statistical analysis and also process the data to identify implications at a later stage.

Statistical Analysis – Our team

Our statistical analysis team is available to support you across all difficulties you may encounter when conducting statistical analysis including:

  • Design adequate and valid experiments
  • Select and analyze adequate instruments
  • Consult you on the adequate sample size to get meaningful and valid results
  • Determining the type of statistical analysis to be conducted to analyze the data
  • Providing support to interpret the statistical results and integrating them into a consistent storyline or management presentation

Statistical Analysis – Contact us

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