Supplier Identification

Supplier Identification – Our Offering

Supplier identification is becoming more and more relevant since global supply markets offer significant opportunities to lower the cost of procured goods and services. Our supplier identification service follows a three step process to identify qualified and cost effective suppliers to add value to your company:

  • Identify relevant countries based on macro economic considerations where qualified and cost effective suppliers can be identified for your category
  • Establish a long list of suppliers per country based on some broad, easy to retrieve criteria typically leveraging data from our supplier identification databases (such as revenue, number of employees etc.)
  • Follow a structured Request for Information process to reduce the long list of suppliers and end up with a short list of suppliers that seem qualified to deliver your goods and services

Once our supplier identification service has provided you with a list of suitable suppliers, our procurement research experts are well qualified to assist you with the further next steps which typically include:

  • Request for proposal / quotation
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Supplier site visits and audits
  • Sample product ordering and comparison
  • Supplier risk assessment
  • Supplier appointment
  • Ongoing category support such as quality audit, vendor performance management etc.

Supplier Identification – How can we help you?

Do you require support from a qualified supplier identification service? Contact the market researchers today and learn how our experienced supplier identification service can assist you and your team to take better advantage of global supply market opportunities.

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