Supply Chain Research

Supply Chain Research – Our Offering

Understanding and managing global supply chains is getting increasingly complex since more and more companies rely to a greater extend on external suppliers to deliver critical parts of their product offering. Our supply chain research offering targets Procurement and Supply Chain professionals wishing to get increased transparency about global supply chains. Our supply chain research offering includes:

  • Total cost of ownership analyses across the supply chain
  • Outsourcing / Make or buy decision support
  • Identification of specific solution providers along the supply chain
  • Supply chain KPI development and monitoring
  • Supply chain controlling
  • Sector specific supply chain trends
  • Design of new supply chains
  • Distribution and logistics modeling
  • Supply chain risk analysis

Supply Chain Research – Our Team

At the Market Researchers we have an experienced supply chain research team who have experience in supply chain management consulting and in industry. We can offer supply chain research as well as supply chain consulting support depending on the exact requirements of your project.

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