Telephone Survey

Telephone Survey – Scope

The Market Researchers have an experienced telephone survey team. We have conducted telephone surveys in local languages across more than 40 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Our telephone survey approach includes:

  • Design and development of the telephone survey questionnaire by an experienced research analyst
  • Execution of the telephone survey by native speakers – we maintain over 20 sattelite offices and also have access to a large network of independent researchers
  • Recording of the telephone survey results in English language
  • Analyses of the telephone survey results by an experienced research analyst incl. drawing of implications and identification of findings

Telephone Survey – Customized support

We offer tailored telephone survey support and can support you and your team at attractive cost. Our approach is highly customized – you can use our services for designing and conducting an entire telephone survey or else to support and/or challenge your team across particular modules.

Our telephone survey staff is highly trained and uses customized software to record the findings. Our quality assurance program ensures that the results are unbiased and provide reliable findings.

Telephone Survey – Contact Us

If you seek help or guidance in designing or executing a telephone survey contact one of our telephone survey team members today! Our telephone survey team would be pleased to assist you and provide a customized support proposal.

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