Our utilities experts have experience across the mojor utility sectors including:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Renewable energy (wind and solar)

The industry has currently many opportunities but is also facing uncertainties. The utilities industry is characterized by legally prescribed and deep structural changes in the liberalization of the market. Like in no other sector, this industry is facing new challenges due to constant changes of the regulatory requirements. Only those who understand these changes will survive in the market. The organisations have to act more effective and efficient in their core business, but also have to be more innovative than their competition. New business fields have to be developed to compensate for the anticipated loss of margins in its core business.

The Market Researchers provide a comprehensive experience in the utilities sector with interdisciplinary teams, diverse project experience and a compelling approach to our clients.

Recent Utility Project Experience:

Client Delivery
An energy consulting firm
  • Detailed industry segmentation, market size and growth, market dynamics, customer adoptions trends, key technologies and vendor landscape
A major VC fund
  • Evaluated the energy distribution, automation, remote power, demand response enabling hardware and software market opportunities by analyzing vendor landscape, trends, regulation, research programs, and important pilots and demonstrations